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What advise would give for a boy who is obessed with a girl?

I think about her 24/7What advise would give for a boy who is obessed with a girl?
Do something else with your time. Listen to music, join clubs and sport teams, get a job or do community service, and hang out with friends. It's not healthy to think of her that often.What advise would give for a boy who is obessed with a girl?
Dont become obessed will affect you mentally and physically, try to focus on a few girls, because if she doesnt have the same feelings back its gona really kill you inside.
hey. im kinda am in the same situation. im just thinking of some other to girls.. is what i do and it seems to be working

I would like to have a pet tortoise, but know nothing about them, can you advise on difficultiness?

we are considering doing the garden out so a tortoise can roam freely

will a tortoise get attacked by cats

do they sleep in a hutch at night

i know you have to allow them to hibernate i live in England

how long do they live for

any other vital information

thank you for your help as this will be considered very carefully before we decide wether to or not

can i or should i consider medical insurance for a tortoise

thank you for your help

xxx viciI would like to have a pet tortoise, but know nothing about them, can you advise on difficultiness?
i've had a tortoise since i was 6 years old.

as far as i know, tortoises don't usually get attacked by cats. they can protect themselves pretty well, and i don't think they move quick enough to be of much interest to your average moggy.

the don't tend to sleep in a hutch. my tortoise was given a little wooden shelter to use on a night (my dad made a basic box out of wood, with a little doorway cut in one side). just find a sheltered area of the garden, and put a wooden box or something similar down that the tortoise can crawl in and out of when it feels like it. what we found though is that she preferred to go crawl in amongst the rockery plants, or under the bushes near the garden wall.

they can live for over 100 years, so u have to seriously plan on having this pet for the rest of your life, and then handing it on to someone who u can trust to take care of it.

unless u plan on keeping it as an indoor pet, which i wouldn't recommend, then u will need to let your tortoise hibernate from about late october to early march. mine gets put in the garage. u need somewhere nice and cool like that. a house would be too warm for it to hibernate in. a secure shed or garage are the ideal places. ours gets put into a carboard box that has a decent amount of newspaper in the bottom to make a kind of 'nest' for it to sleep on. then the cardboard box (don't forget the breathing holes !) gets sealed with a bit of tape, and then put into a larger box loosely filled with more newspaper. (for insulation). it's always a good idea to open up the box mid-winter and check that the tortoise is ok. if u touch one of it's legs, it's reflexes should make it withdraw it's leg slightly.

u can tell when a tortoise is ready to hibernate. it will refuse food, and start to spend most of the day sleeping somewhere sheltered. there is a period during early autumn though when u will be able to still let it out through the day, but will need to put it in it's cardboard box overnight. not a good idea to leave a tortoise out on a frosty night.

when they come out of hibernation (check on it daily once it gets to march time), it helps to give your tortoise a wash in a shallow tray with some luke warm water in it. it's eyes might need wiping with some water on a cotton wool ball. the tortoise might not eat for the first couple of days, and might need to be brought in on an evening until it gets warmer.

tortoises love to eat the following : most crunchy salad vegetables - like cucumber, lettice, raw peas, dandelion leaves. also fruit (mine loves strawberries - makes such a mess !). but dogfood can also be good for them. it helps promote healthy shell growth. get a brand that is more of a meat paste consistency, rather than the type with lumps of meat in it. (we use Chappy) we spread a little bit onto pieces of cucumber.

i have no idea as to whether or not u will need any pet insurance. it's not something we have ever needed, luckily our tortoise has never needed medical treatment.

tortoises make quite good pets, but obviously it will never show u the kind of affection that u would get from most other pets. i guess it all depends on what u are looking for from a pet.

hope this helps. any further questions, feel free to e-mail me.I would like to have a pet tortoise, but know nothing about them, can you advise on difficultiness?
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1. No it will not be attacked by a cat as it can hide in its shell and has too tough skin to get hurt.

2. Yes they will sleep in a hutch at night my friend has one.

3. They can live for 80-100 years

You must not let them bury themselves and make sure there are not little holes in the fence they can get through. Feed them once a day and line their hutch with straw or hay and make it warm and cosy.

While its young keep it indoors.................... hope this helps good luck!
make sure you get home bred dont let a young one hibern8 they often die.they get attacked by rats.keep it indoors in winter.
i have had my tortoise for forty years he has the run of the garden all summer but i always take him indoors at night in the winter he stays in doors out doors they hibernate when it gets cold but they wont survive being left out in winter also if you have a pond make sure it is covered so the tortoise cant fall in funny enough they dont float and they cant swim
Garden- make sure it is VERY escape-proof first, and as dog-proof as possible. Tortoises can get through a lot of gaps you don't even notice, and they tend to push through any opening they get their head through.

Cats- not usually a problem. Dogs, raccoons, skunks, birds of prey, and humans are generally bigger issues- but cats can attack and harm tortoises.

Hutch- Depending on your local environment, a warm (or heated), dry, weather-proof hutch is a good idea.

Hibernation- research this well! has good articles on this and many other issues as well.

Longevity- most pet tortoises go for about 20-40 years with good care, but sadly, many will not make it to 5 because their needs are not being met.

Insurance- tortoises rarely generate enough medical costs, when well cared for, to justify this.

Good luck! Check out the site mentioned- it is British as well, so should be very useful.
I would advise you from purchasing a Tortoise until you have researched enough to know that they are not easy to keep.

Tortoises can be attacked by cats as well as birds. Tortoises can not defend themselves though can retract into their shell - not good if a bird decides to peck in between!

Tortoises will only hibernate if the temperature falls enough to send them into hibernation. This can be extremely dangerous since they need time to digest any recent food intake for at least a few days in order to give them a chance to get rid of anything left inside of them or else it'll rot inside their stomachs and kill them during hibernation. In fact you only need to hibernate a Tortoise if you're going to breed them otherwise it is not necessary.

Tortoises should be kept indoors, not only to protect them from the dangers but Tortoises are cold-blooded reptiles and therefore need a constant source of heat to help keep them warm. Preferably they need to be kept in a vivarium with all the necessities. All what is required can be found in related books.

There is so much vital information that placing a question here simply isn't going to help you. You need to do research and buy a few books to get a proper idea as to what is involved as well as the huge investment needed in order to keep a Tortoise as a bills alone (with or without medication) is a whole lot more than for your standard domestic pet.
They cant roam freely its not warm enough you need a terrarium heat lamps etc can only put them out when its warm do you know how much they cost? don't get one on a whim cos they generally live for a very long time

Please advise me: I've just received an abusive and racist email from another Yahoo Answers user?

Would anyone be kind enough to advise me? I've just received a personal and very abusive email from a Yahoo Answers user called 'Jake' - it's basically anti semitic and is calling Jewish people 'retarded' and claiming they lied about the Holocaust.

Has anyone else had problems with this person? I found his email really offensive.Please advise me: I've just received an abusive and racist email from another Yahoo Answers user?
I'm sorry to hear this. Unfortunately there are a lot of people here who think it is funny to behave like complete and utter morons. They think they are big and brave when in fact they're silly little trolls hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. There are plenty of people here who are decent though, so please don't be put off.

Forward any insulting emails to answers-abuse@ I would also advise forwarding them to the UK Messenger Team as I've found that they are far more efficient at getting things done. Oh, for pity's sake. Yahoo won't let me write out the full e-mail address without editing it out, so just ignore the spaces in the address: uk-messenger-abuse @

Here are the guidelines on how to report these emails, this comes from the Yahoo! Help pages.

';At this time, we will need you to forward a copy of the message, as opposed to sending it as an attachment, because we are currently unable to accept attachments. Please include the following in your report of

email abuse to assist us in a prompt and full evaluation:

1. Original subject line -- Please forward the email with a subject identical to the original subject.

2. Complete headers -- Email programs often display abbreviated headers. To learn how to display the full headers in a Yahoo! Mail account, please visit the Yahoo! Mail Help Desk at:鈥?/a>

3. Complete message body -- Please include the complete, unedited content of the email message in question. Please do not change or edit the message in any way.

If reports of email abuse are missing any one of these three items, it may take longer for the Yahoo! Mail Abuse Team to properly investigate and take appropriate action. We appreciate your efforts in reporting this abuse to Yahoo!.';

I hope this helps... I know it's hard, but try not to get too upset bby fools who are out to cause trouble. xPlease advise me: I've just received an abusive and racist email from another Yahoo Answers user?
Don't allow emails.
Yeah, this guy Jake made several racist and insulting remarks to a question the other day; he's clearly got real problems. You should definitely report this to the organisers; people have every right to use this site without then receiving offensive emails, especially if there's racist content!

Only someone with very low intelligence would behave like this; judging by other remarks of his that I've seen, he's clearly a total moron.
The thing to do is do not take this personally and report this to Yahoo..... he doesnt know your email so when he is cancelled and hopefully disbarred from using yahoo again then he cannot contact you...

There are some real idiots on this site...
Don't make your email available for people to see. I have mine hidden so people won't see my email or any other info. Just don't post your emails where anybody can see it.
This sort of thing is getting far too common; I know that several people, incuding myself, have had abusive emails. Just ignore it, but save it in case you need it. As far as I am aware this is all prettty recent. The one I got was 5 or 6 weeks ago but other people have had them in the last week.
I just wanted to send you a hug, we arnt all like that sicko on here, Im so sorry you had to read that abuse. Send me his e.mail addy, I,ll tell him some home truths.
copy the email and send it to yahoo answers report abuse section
just ignore him.....he seems to be the retarded one.....dont waste 5pts on a loser like that. just delete him if he sends another email...or report him if you wish!
You didn't say where you were, but in many countries such an attack is considered a hate crime.

Sounds to me from the tone (esp. the use of the word ';retarded';) that ';Jake'; is a minor. Further, he has sh*tty, racist parents. I hope he is reading this and responds before he grows up to turn his on-line angst into physical violence. Don't ignore him - report him. Stop this disaster waiting to happen.
Unfortunately, receiving abusive emails is the price you pay for giving honest opinions on YA. There will always be cowards like Jake who will hide behind their anonymity in order to strike out at people with whom they disagree. The best thing you can do is simply ignore him. That will drive him crazier than anything else you can do, because he is starving for your attention.
hes some jerk hiding behind yahoo to have a pop at people....
The only thing I can think of is to block his email address, so he can't reply anymore. Hope this is of help.
What a prat, sorry you had to go through that - thats just unacceptable. I'm not perticularly sure, but I'm sure some other nice yahoo users will advise you on how to report him to YA so that he is banned. Sorry, again.

Take Care

Best Wishes
I saw that answer and yours, he doesn't know anything. Ignore him. He's an idiot. You are a good person.
What a b*****d. Sorry - all bigotry %26amp; anti - isms make my blood boil.

What was this person's address - try reporting him directly to Yahoo - weird there doesn't appear to be a specific external place for this sort of problem on Answers.

Maybe most of us just behave ourselves.
Use the do not allow e mail option .thats the best way to keep the idiots out of your mail box
Forward it to yahoo as suggested !

Please don't let that little baby and his like upset you! They aren't worth the ground YOU walk on, luv.

As you go through life you'll meet a lot of 'Jakes' who haven't the maturity to disagree without being offensive or like to Bully people and the best way to deal with them is to develop what I call 'Hole through the head syndrome' Let it go in one ear and straight out the other. It frustrates them when people don't react! Just remember that for every 'Jake' you'll meet there are 10 'Johns' and that John is a really NICE GUY!
click on report abuse
well I would most definately report him [maybe he is a nazi]
he is a small minded bigot and probably gets off on this sort of thing.just ignore him he may crawl back under his stone if he doesn't get the attention he is after
you should report him to
report it .........we are all as one despite colour or creek.... lets live inharmony say hi to your neighbours black white pink or green good would you feel ? smiley happy people ......
you have already taken action by showing this question a lot of users will now see this so don't you worry secondly there is a report abuse section to click so yahoo will take notice im sorry you have had to deal with such a person and hope that this will be resolved soon good luck
Jake appears to be educationally challenged

probably gets off on harassment

Jake is also a coward technology is a handy tool for him

in other words a nob ....if you let it get to you the nob wins

ignore Jake he will go away looking for someone else to

intimidate......if this nob comes to mind visualise cocoa the clown at a computer
Antisemitic? The word itself is a scam.
Well well well. First of all you need to understand the difference between INSULT and ASSULT. Did he kick your ***? No, then there is not nothing you can do. If some one says bad word on a face of PRESIDENT, there will not be a DAMN thing anyone can do. Although you will be removed from the area like SMALLEST AUNT? Move on girl. You people call us by name everytime. But guess what we have the most expensive cars and houses then any of you. Is this offensive too... We are INDIANS by the way.
Its a free country and he can say what he likes my dear. If you don't want to talk to people don't allow e mail.
  • lip makeup
  • Please advise how to make-up fastly with good result.?

    Please advise me the steps and technic to make up fastly but with best result. Thank you.Please advise how to make-up fastly with good result.?
    apply foundation with a spongs dust over some pressed powder . then get one of those multi purpose sticks for eyes lips and cheeks ie a peach y pink or browny colour and apply it to eyes lips and cheeks. other wise use a clear gloss aplly blusher to the fullest part of your cheeks and a bit of mascaraPlease advise how to make-up fastly with good result.?
    tinted moisturizer to even out or balance the color and powder to set it. pinch your cheeks and bite your lips-out the door.

    if you must use blust, just dust a puffer over your blush and dab on cheeks, blend.

    lip gloss is great with a hint of color- won't show when you don't get it in the lines completely.

    hint of color on the eyes with some eyeliner in a color (instead of brown, grey, or black) looks awesome in the summer. especially on dark skin.ooohhh!!

    powder goes on in a downward motion so it won't grab onto hairs and make shadows on your face.
    Tips for great skin and good makeup鈥?/a>

    Doctor advise to drink a litre of water first thing in morning.I do that but now pass pee every hour.Help l?

    A litre all at once is quite a LOT.... but if you dehydrate fast, maybe that is why he wants you to drink so much at one time.. it is definitely not good to be dehydrated... I on the other hand have the OPPOSITE problem.... I retain water due to a heart and lung condition and must LIMIT my liquid intake to 2 litres a DAY spread out over the entire day----it really isn't very much liquid but I have to measure it carefully.... I think I'd be happier HAVING to drink a LOT then HAVING to drink too little. Oh and talk about having to PEE???? I am on a VERY STRONG dose of diruetics due also to my heart condition and everything that goes IN comes out---rather soon after drinking it too... I spend probably HALF my day in the bathroom any more... (due to my condition and the fact that I AM over 50).....

    Does anyone educate there child at home im doing it shortly would like some advise from people thanks?

    i would be very grateful on any advise on the work i have to doDoes anyone educate there child at home im doing it shortly would like some advise from people thanks?
    First of all, let me just say in response to some of the responses (from people who obviously have no real homeschool experience):

    1. While you need to be a trained expert to teach a classroom of children in a school, you don't need to have the same training to work at home with your child. I've done both-- homeschooling is nothing like classroom teaching, and it shouldn't be because it is an entirely different approach to education. I know dozens of homeschool families in my community-- the kids are thriving and very, very few of the parents have any professional teacher training.

    2.The only people who are concerned about homeschooling socialization are probably socially deficient themselves since the only place they can think of a young person socializing is in school. You can go out 7 days a week with your children to the park, playground or let them play with friends outside. You can sign them up for classes- morning or evening-- workshops, bring them to library programs, get them involved in sporting teams, clubs, scouts, 4H clubs, dance classes, karate, community center classes, and all kinds of extracurricular activities-- the possibilities are limitless unless you live significantly far from civilization. If you have an active homeschool community in your area, they probably meet for play groups, field trips, workshops and all kinds of activities on a regular basis. I could go on for ages, there is so much I'm not even covering much. Homeschool children I find also tend to have more free time to volunteer and are able to begin volunteering very young, and in this they gain some valuable hands-on work experience, find some wonderful mentors and learn about the importance of helping their community. If you look around a little at the possibilities in your city, you'll probably find there are more opportunities than anyone could ever have time for-- in our community, people often have to step back and cut things from their schedule, which easily can become overloaded with too many interesting things to do.

    3. Teacher expertise is not necessary in a teaching situation-- that's why so many teachers are not teaching in the fields they got their degrees in. Peer tutoring has been proven to have such a high success rate because working one on one and at the student's pace seems to outweigh any teacher expertise. If you don't know something, learn it with your child, do research together, take a class together, find educational software or videos and watch them together, or seek out an expert to help you in certain areas when you feel the need.

    That all said, good luck to you. Best place to start:

    1. Find out your state laws on home education

    2. Go to the library and read up on education and homeschooling, search the web and find out as much as you can about different approaches to homeschooling, different learning styles, different educational philosophies, etc.

    3. Look in your community for other homeschoolers; it's great to find a support group. Try the librarians at local libraries (children's section), they'll probably know if there are any groups or co-ops in the area.

    4. Remember that school is one model for education, and maybe even a good model, but it's not the only good model. Don't worry about doing things like they do in school-- a classroom setting is completely different.

    MSBDoes anyone educate there child at home im doing it shortly would like some advise from people thanks?
    It depends on the age of the child, if they're very young you need to make sure to not spend too much time on one topic, (at once) take breaks, and put information into simple terms. With older children you should get them into a club or something else to socialize with kids their own age.. The socialazation with the younger kids is still important, however, not as important as with someone older. Home schooling will not ruin a child's socialazation skills, in fact, in my case it made it a lot better since no one makes fun of me anymore so I have a lot higher self esteem and I'm not afraid to let people know who I am now. I hope this helps!
    Yes, I am homeschooling. Reasons for homeschooling are important. If you are forced to do it because of school suspensions or something along those lines, the actions are significantly different, I think, than if you are teaching at home to give your kids a good education.

    Kids thrive at home. People who talk about train wrecks ignore the millions of homeschoolers there are in the nation, and the fact that they do quite well, in everything from going to college, to vocational training, to the work world. It can be a very positive experience.

    Get information, first. A good place to start it your state's homeschool laws. is a good site to get information on the laws in your state. It is a converative site, so be aware of that...but the links to homeschool organizations, and their links to local laws are invaluable to a beginner.

    Get in touch with local homeschool organizations; if you live in an area that is moderately populated, there will be a group or two out there you can get with to see what's going on.

    Assess your child. Figure out where they need help. If you are pulling them out of school, you may already have an idea of that. Find out what interests them and see if you can use it to your advantage. It may be that your child loves horses, or they love skate can you leverage that to their schooling? It's easier than you might think.

    Realize that it's work...a lot of work. Realize you DON'T need a degree to teach. Most parents teach their child a language, how to walk, basic interaction, some reading and some math before they go to school. There is more to teaching than a degree, and some of my worst teachers had fact, all of them did.

    Don't pressure yourself to make ';school at home';. Change the framework to creating an environment for learning. With one-on-one attention, you're alread ahead of the curve. Instead of dividing attention between 30 kids, you can focus on the one, and you can take the time you need to ensure they understand the concepts you are teaching. It's not a can go at their pace.

    Make sure your child is involved in their education. Don't do it all for them. Have them help pick curriculum, experiment together with different approaches (if they are able...some kids are too young to do this, or if they have special needs, you'll have to do it for them).

    Good luck to you. Don't listen much to the people that say it never works, or it's a social disaster. They rarely have any real practical experience with the community, or if they do, it's in a setting that predetermines them to have a negative experience. There are a lot of kids out there thriving after their homeschool education. Harvard grads, to graduates of vocational programs, they are all over the place. It works if you let it.
    Find a support group in your area. This is the MOST important thing you can do.

    Trust yourself.

    If you are scared just starting out, try the Calvert School curriculum, it comes to your door COMPLETE in a box and you can purchase grading and exam service if you wish. I started out with them and it really built my confidence.

    As you can see, you might experience the ignorance and disapproval of others who are conformists and bigots. But you will have the last laugh when their kids are in rehab and your kids are in Harvard.
    Many argue against homeschooling on the grounds that homeschooled children cannot interact well with those who are different. But is it not very ironic that said opponents display their own lack of social skills when they demean those who choose a different educational path? It is also extremely hypocritical.

    And to whoever said we should just let our children be ';normal';: if we are all unique and diverse, then what is the standard for normalacy?

    As for info about homeschooling, I agree with what previous homeschooling posters have said. Research is key.
    I have been homeschooling my kid's for 4 years now.

    It is what you make of it. If you put into it, then you get out of it.

    The socialization stuff is crap and it's getting old.

    My kid's have non-homeschoolinging friend.

    Who are always asking me to homeschool them.

    My kid's are part of 4-H, Girl Scouts, YWCA.

    Homeschooler's don't live in a bubble!

    Now with that said!

    You can homeschool your child and have fun doing it.

    The whole world is now open to your child, through your

    eyes. Not the ';teacher's';.

    What interest your child? Start with that and build off it.

    There are workbooks at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and other

    store's. There are homeschool/teacher store's were you can get what you need.

    Free online worksheet printouts and so much more.

    Talk to your child about field trips. What do they like,where

    would they like to go,what would they like to see.

    You can do this and it's not hard at all.

    Hope I've helped you in someway!
    I educate my children from home. There isn't anything more wonderful, than knowing that your child is learning and that you have something to do with it. My advise

    #1 Have fun with it, you'll both enjoy it more (and learn more)

    #2 Don't worry about what others are saying.

    #3 Don't stress you and your child out (even schools don't cover everything that is in a book during the year)

    #4 Find some way to be social and involved in your town

    My children are enrolled in a school called Connections Academy. It is a virtual school, totally free to you as a parent because it is a public school. They send us all the books, supplies and even the computer plus they pay for part of the Internet bill. The best part is you have the lesson right there in front of you, you are the one teaching it but if you or your child has a question, there are a teacher that is a e-mail or phone call away. Connections Academy has all the social events too, including clubs, field trips, and even dances (prom) and they will have a real cap and gown graduation.

    To check it out go to:
    First of all, please don't rule out home schooling because you think you are not qualified. You are their mother. You know them, love them and care for their future more than any paid state employee.

    Don't rule out home schooling due to the 'socialization' propaganda.

    Find out your state's rules, call a support group leader, meet some home school students, and do research on line.

    It is so sad to hear on line of the brain-washed ideas of public school students and parents concerning the glory of public school.

    On line is the only place I've heard the bashing of home school. It seems that in our area that it is accepted and teachers realize that the public school is not for everyone.

    I think when people meet well adjusted, bright home school students, it is useless to bring up the socialization myth.
    Home schooling a child causes them to be socially deficient. Please don't do it. Just let your kid be a ';normal'; kid; don't single him out and cause him to have social problems....because it will....there's NO WAY around it.
    No, I think you should leave it to experts who are trained in the job. Education is one thing that leaves a STRONG impression on one's life.
    Home schooling... bad idea unless you have a degree in education with majors in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Computer Science and so on...

    Want your children to receive a good education? Send them to school where the trained (and under paid) professionals are. Home school is a train wreck...

    Skybus is going out of buisness. Please advise?

    I live in Cols. Ohio,. and i just heard that at 9:30 tonite, Skybus is closing the doors! I have tickets, and the news said to contact the credit card company for refund. Will banks and companies give us back our money for paid tickets?Skybus is going out of buisness. Please advise?
    I flew to Ohio Friday morning on skybus and found out friday night that they shut down. My return trip was scheduled for sunday, so now I'm up a creek. All the airlines were full or WAY too expensive $800??? I chose the $120 skybus tix for a reason. So now I'm driving back to NC tomorrow for a friggin 8 hour drive. Funny thing...I wasn't being cheap when I bought the tix...I wanted to support the upstart business. Jokes on me. 20 bucks more and I could've flown southwest.

    Sorry for venting....

    To answer your question.... I have American Express and they wouldn't refund it without going through an investigation which they said could take 6-8 weeks. I'm like...';investigate? it's all over the news...go to google and then credit my account.';

    good luck to you on getting your money are not alone.Skybus is going out of buisness. Please advise?
    check with other airlines what most of the carriers are doing

    are allowing skybus passengers to fly standby on their airline

    (American US air, Delta Continental ) all will allow you to fly their

    airline with a service fee of $100.00 and fly standby

    so thats one way to get to your destinatination

    or you could call American express and ask them again

    if they rep isn't helpful ask for a supervisor they should

    know the carrier is out of business by now
    If you paid by credit card, they should be able to do a charge back, because the services weren't delivered

    Contact them.